Prepare your restaurant for colder weather

As a restaurateur, you will be well aware that the trials and tribulations never stop. The changing of the seasons through fall and into winter brings a new wave of challenges for you to face as the weather turns colder, air conditioning turns to heating, and different equipment is needed for different purposes. Ultimately, protecting […]

Keep your business running smoothly – and safely

As a restaurant or hospitality business owner, your livelihood depends on running a reliable and smooth operation, minimizing downtime, and – above all – meeting your customers’ needs. If guests aren’t treated to a comfortable and positive experience, they won’t return. Ensuring all your mechanical equipment is well-maintained and performing to the best of its […]

How to keep track of your restaurant equipment & inventory

By Erin Wagner Restaurants contain a wide range of equipment used for cooking, storing, and handling foods, and this equipment requires regular maintenance to remain in good working condition. Tracking restaurant inventory and equipment remains a challenge for most establishments. Some businesses do not pay much attention to proactive maintenance programs, and that leaves facilities […]

The perfect solution for the post-pandemic kitchen

An evolving world of foodservice requires an evolving kitchen. For many chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs, conventional appliances and equipment no longer cut the mustard. In an industry constantly facing new challenges, time and money are resources nobody can afford to waste. The wide range of commercial foodservice facilities may have different customers and different menus, […]

Get cooking and save energy with Enbridge Gas and Save on Energy

Saving energy and cooking efficiently has never been more important than in 2021, with restaurants and foodservice operators looking to maximize their margins and get the most out of their kitchen equipment. Enbridge Gas and Save on Energy are here to help with their Distributor Discount program. Ontario-based commercial kitchens and restaurants can get instant […]

Save money & get in the know with Enbridge Gas & Save on Energy

As restaurants and foodservice operations continue to move along the path towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the most out of your kitchen equipment and maximizing your thin margins is vital. Thankfully, Enbridge Gas and Save On Energy are here to help. Ontario-based commercial kitchens and restaurants can get instant discounts of up to […]

Enbridge Gas and IESO: Meet the people who are here to help

Enbridge Gas, IESO, and representatives of the Foodservice Distributor Discount Program are here to help foodservice businesses by offering financial support for equipment upgrades, which is especially helpful as the province begins to reopen.  Ontario-based commercial kitchens and restaurants can get instant discounts of up to $1,000 on a wide range of ENERGY STAR® kitchen […]

Maximize space with ventless kitchen solutions

When it comes to optimizing commercial kitchen operations, there are several key considerations, particularly as the need for adaptability has accelerated over the past year. For foodservice establishments to succeed in the current climate, the ability to adapt to operate at lower capacities and with finer margins has become paramount. For many, space has become […]