Get your restaurant set up for catering

Just as the holiday season approaches, restaurants are seeing an uptick in catering requests from their customers. Although the demand for catering has been recovering steadily since the pandemic, some restaurant chains have seen as much as a 43 per cent increase in this sector over last year. As restaurants get ready to add catering […]

Add catering to your restaurant’s roster

As many restaurants branch out to help with higher margins, consider the profitability of catering to raise revenues for your restaurant. In the fall of 2022, catering orders rose 184 per cent over the previous January, making it clear that as employees continue to return to the office, companies are looking to host events and […]

The evolution of happy hour

Consumer habits have changed so much over the last few years, but despite flex hours and remote work, it looks like happy hour is still bringing people together and raising restaurant revenues. While happy hour once meant that people left the office to gather for after-work drinks, some are suggesting that it’s evolved, as customers […]

Restaurants are branching out, developing new revenue streams

As restaurants continue to search for ways to find success amid inflation and labour shortages, many are exploring new revenue streams to boost their bottom lines and avoid raising menu prices. In fact, only 23 per cent of restaurants plan to increase their prices, even though 85 per cent of Canadian customers say they would […]