Employee Engagement: Why does your staff quit?

From the summer 2018 of Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News By Seth Mohan Employee retention is a major cause of concern for most restaurant owners. Restaurants are primarily in the people business, and must be able to hire and retain quality people. In a world where everything is going digital and we are losing the […]

How restaurants can overcome the chef shortage

By Karen and Ross Horton The chef shortage in Canada is impacting restaurant owners from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Though, “shortage” might be the wrong term – there are many fiercely talented, hard-working chefs all across Canada wishing for change. The bigger problem is that with long hours and pay that is usually lower than […]

Building your business, one act of exceptional service at a time

By David Swanston Even though Canadian diners are spending more and restaurant visits are on the rise, operators are faced with a growing number of challenges when it comes to trying to improve stagnant revenues. Whether it’s trying to hold on to fickle customers looking for change or simply the reality of an overcrowded foodservice […]

Feast Tofino 2016 showcases boat-to-table food culture, top-name chefs

Press release Series of Culinary Events May 6-22, 2016, West Coast Vancouver Island In its 6th year, Feast Tofino is a collaboration between acclaimed local and visiting North American chefs, restaurants, fishermen, foragers and farmers who celebrate the abundance of locally available seafood and the sustainable “boat-to-table” practices commonly employed by the area’s restaurants. Featured Tofino […]