Mounting demand for commercial food warming & holding equipment in developing regions: TMR study

Press Release According to a new market report pertaining to the global commercial food warming & holding equipment market, the global commercial food warming & holding equipment market is anticipated to reach a volume of 7,312 thousand units by 2027. The commercial food warming & holding equipment market is projected to expand at a CAGR […]

Pizza Perfection: Finding the right oven for your restaurant

Whether it’s satisfying a pub crawler’s late-night munchies or attracting the next generation of gourmet trend-obsessed foodie, Canadian restaurants are finding an ever-growing demand for an Italian classic — pizza. But even if you have Nonna’s time-tested recipe that has been passed down through the generations, your restaurant needs the best equipment to create the […]

High-Tech Hardware: Cutting kitchen costs with top-of-the-line gear

By Gregory Furgala Take creme anglaise. It takes just sugar, egg yolks and milk to prepare the smooth, versatile custard, but making it demands constant attention. The yolks need to be beaten with the sugar and tempered, then gently heated and constantly stirred. For argument’s sake, let’s say it takes a cook 30 minutes to prepare (and […]

The art and science of making cheese

By Martin Kouprie At the beginning in my cooking career I was taught the simple lessons — product knowledge, knife skills, butchery, cold and hot preparations, baking, simple pastries — you know, all the stuff to get you flying. Over time I added to these lessons and grew professionally, constantly learning while developing skills and […]

Silver Chef announces $500 million to back Canadian hospitality businesses

Press release Silver Chef, Canada’s leading dedicated hospitality funding partner, recently announced $500 million dollars to provide to Canadian hospitality businesses, to help them grow and achieve their potential over the next five years. The $500 million investment is open to all Canadian hospitality businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, clubs and franchises. This financing […]

Menu trends: Ten years makes a difference

By Geoff Wilson The most important real estate a restaurant has is its menu. The structure of a restaurant’s menu has a significant effect on many aspects of a restaurant’s operations including revenue, food cost, equipment requirements, pantry counts and, most importantly, guest satisfaction and repeat visitation. Getting the menu right is crucial to success. […]

Antunes partners with A&W Canada on Egg Station

Manufacturer’s equipment enables chain to cook eggs consistently Press release Antunes, a family owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment, partnered with A&W Food Services of Canada, Inc. (A&W Canada) on a chain wide roll-out of its Egg Stations to approximately 550 restaurant locations. The roll-out coincided with the leading Canadian […]

The latest equipment to boost back-of-house efficiency

Nowhere in a restaurant operation is the full effect of technology and innovation more acutely experienced than in the kitchen. From fryers, steamers and grills to the latest in warewashing equipment, manufacturers are employing advances in technology to make a chef’s job easier and more efficient. We recently talked to several leading equipment manufacturers about […]

Blue Point and Russell Hendrix acquire Guitech Services

Press release Blue Point Capital Partners and its Blue Point III portfolio company, Russell Hendrix, have announced the acquisition of Guitech Services. Headquartered in Montreal, Guitech provides maintenance, repair, parts and services for the foodservice equipment market throughout Quebec. For over 40 years Guitech has provided customers with maintenance and repair services on commercial kitchen […]

The cutting edge: The latest innovations in commercial kitchen knives

Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News recently asked leading kitchen knife manufacturers about the latest trends and developments in this indispensable kitchen utensil. Here is what they had to say. Participants: Renee Hourigan, Director of Marketing, North America, Swiss Army Derek Marcotte, President, Wüsthof-Trident of Canada Inc. What are some of the most exciting new trends, […]