Canadian diners are ordering more items off the menu

According to Technomic’s latest report, the last quarter of 2022 showed diners are ordering more off the menu, even as menu prices saw an increase of about six percent across the board. Only the kids’ menu category saw a decline in menu counts, finishing off the year with numbers down 2.2 percent overall. According to […]

New Technomic study finds consumption of meatless dishes remains strong

Press Release More consumers now than in 2016 say they are following restrictive specialty diets, Technomic discovered in the 2019 Center of the Plate: Seafood and Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report. While a significant majority of consumers do not follow a specialty diet, those who do are most likely to classify themselves with flexible terms such as “semivegetarian” […]

Plant-based eating is mainstreaming, so how can you profit from it?

By Jo-Ann McArthur Plant-based eating is mainstreaming, and it’s not hippies who are setting the agenda. Instead, Nourish Food Marketing’s 2018 Nourish Trend Report found that the average, non-vegetarian consumer is driving growth. Restaurants have historically introduced the trends and patterns that later manifest themselves throughout the food ecosystem, but this is one area where […]