The crucial need for flood insurance in the restaurant industry

By Dawn Castell In the restaurant industry, margins can be as thin as a chef’s knife, and unexpected disasters such as floods pose a significant threat to immediate operations and long-term viability. For many restaurateurs, flood insurance represents a critical safeguard, one that ensures continuity and recovery in the aftermath of unforeseen water damage. This […]

Flood insurance: a safety net for restaurants

By Dawn Castell In the dynamic world of the restaurant industry, unforeseen disasters such as floods can pose a significant threat to business continuity and financial stability. Floods, often unpredictable and devastating, can result in extensive damage to property, equipment, and inventory, leading to substantial financial losses. Obtaining flood insurance can be a business lifesaver […]

Prevent pests from flooding your restaurant

By Alice Sinia, Ph.D. The combination of torrential rain and melting snow during springtime can overwhelm river and drainage systems in places throughout Canada. While some areas are hit harder than others, provinces across the country are all at risk for potential flooding. As those waters recede, accumulated debris begins to attract pests like flies […]