Are more people turning to fine dining in 2022?

By Megan Prevost The COVID-19 pandemic has had a diverse array of particular effects on the ways Canadians think about food. In its earliest phases, the pandemic forced many people into a long-term lockdown with a very limited bubble of social connection. For obvious reasons, dining out at restaurants was taken off the table for […]

The 360-degree dining experience & the new climate of guest impulse

By Laurent May Restaurants across the country are reopening and the hospitality industry is reemerging in a post-pandemic world. However, guest expectations have shifted as new technology was introduced over the pandemic to keep dining guests comfortable and safe. On-premise guest experience is traditionally guided by the server, as they drive the service from beginning […]

Developing staff engagement for a positive guest experience

By Doug Radkey Engaged and motivated employees are at the heart of positive restaurant experiences. Working at a restaurant or any hospitality-related business needs to be more than just another paycheck. Restaurant operators need to remember that money is not a motivator – it is a satisfier. When employees are satisfied and engaged, everyone wins. […]

McDonald’s Canada has created over 2,835 jobs in Québec

Press release “Restaurant Experience of the Future” contributes to the economic vitality of the province McDonald’s is proud to announce the creation of over 2,835 jobs in 189 converted restaurants across Québec as part of its modernization of the guest experience which is underway nationwide. With investments of $200,000 to $250,000 per converted location, restaurants in the […]

McDonald’s restaurants in Ontario are making advancements

By Shelby Morrison If you have recently visited a McDonald’s restaurant in Ontario, you may have noticed some advancements and changes. Nearly 200 restaurants in Ontario now present guests with self-order kiosks, build-your-own burger options, Guest Experience Leaders, table service and delicious new McCafe products. McDonald’s has made these changes to modernize customer experience while […]