Nostalgic brands & iconic flavours for modern menus

As a chef, you know that taste is king. You also know the value of leaning on pantry staples to help you optimize your menus. You reap the rewards creatively and financially when you land on ingredients that can play the field, moving from savoury to sweet and bringing in rich, creamy texture, and when […]

Better Together

Advertising feature Today’s best power couple is Kraft Heinz. This new company represents an impressive portfolio of market-leading brands. By playing off each other’s strengths, Kraft and Heinz foodservice products give you an operational advantage. The brands you count on most—and the brands your customers love—are now all under one roof. Not only does that make […]

Kraft Heinz committing over $300,000 to build better places to play in Canadian communities

Press release Kraft Heinz Project Play, TSN and RDS to inspire Canadians to nominate record-breaking number of communities in 8th year of program. TSN’s James Duthie, Jennifer Hedger, Jason deVos, Milt Stegall and Tessa Bonhomme rally behind this year’s Kraft Heinz Project Play campaign as new program ambassadors Vibrant communities start from the ground-up. From soccer […]