Stepping up your loyalty program

Repeat business is a restaurant’s bread and butter, and this means loyalty and retention is top of mind for many operators. According to studies, it costs a business 25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one, so it’s in your best interest to make customer loyalty your top priority. […]

Make the most of your summer LTOs

During some of the busiest months in the foodservice industry, many fast-food restaurants are upping their game with summer specials to boost their sales and get extra attention for their restaurants. Using LTOs to attract interest in the menu, bring in larger groups, and build customer loyalty is a solid strategy for restaurants looking to […]

Are subscriptions a viable option for your restaurant?

We’ve seen in recent years that subscriptions serve as steady sources of income, so why not apply that model to restaurants? Loosely, this concept looks like restaurants offering services, products, or perks to guests in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Some restaurants are offering a free appetizer at each visit, bottomless drinks, dining credits, […]

Shifting consumer spending and its effect on restaurants

Consumers are cutting back on discretionary spending as they prepare for a possible recession, but have those cutbacks meant less revenue for restaurants? Are Canadians limiting their restaurant visits as inflation continues to soar? According to a recent study by Capterra,  85 per cent of consumers are worried about the looming recession, and nine out […]