Maple Leaf Foods pledges $12.5M to reduce food insecurity in Canada

Canadian food production giant Maple Leaf Foods and its CEO Michael H. McCain are contributing a combined $12.5 million over the next five years to advance the ongoing work of the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security and its partners. The Centre is a registered charity that works to identify and advance solutions to ending […]

Major plant-based producers’ stock is falling

Major producers of plant-based food products such as Maple Leaf Foods and Beyond Meat are seeing their stock fall and are readjusting their expectations amid an apparent failure to capitalize on the sector’s years of growth. Beyond Meat’s stock price had fallen by nearly 14 per cent on February 24, rebounding slightly to 13 per […]

Food retailers & restaurants launch recycling organization

A group of Canada’s leading consumer brands, retailers and restaurants have launched a new organization that will help companies comply with new blue box recycling rules in Ontario. Circular Materials, a not-for-profit producer responsibility organization, was created by 15 companies in response to Ontario’s decision to shift 100 per cent of recycling costs to product and […]

Food guilt is real for more than a third of Canadian parents

Press Release Canadian parents are feeling increasing pressures from other parents and peers, particularly when feeding their kids, according to a new study from Maple Leaf Foods. The research reveals a third of Canadian parents want others to think they are the “perfect parent” (31 per cent) and feel guilty for feeding their kids foods […]

Maple Leaf Foods 2018 Sustainability Report highlights nutrition and animal welfare

Press Release Maple Leaf Foods announced the release of its 2018 Sustainability Report, which outlines the company’s key achievements over the past year and targets for the current year. Producing protein is essential in nourishing billions of people, but also utilizes significant resources. Becoming a sustainable protein company is a journey Maple Leaf Foods has […]

Maple Leaf Foods to construct new plant-based protein processing facility

Press Release Maple Leaf Foods and its wholly owned subsidiary Greenleaf Foods today announced plans to construct a US$310 million plant-based protein food processing facility in Shelbyville, Indiana. At approximately 230,000 square feet, it will be the largest facility and investment of its kind in North America. Maple Leaf will also invest approximately US$26 million to keep pace with ongoing growth […]

Maple Leaf Foods joins global CEOs to urge greater action on climate change

Press Release Maple Leaf Foods reinforced its commitment to environmental leadership as one of 50 major global businesses, and the only protein company, which have published an open letter to the world’s governments urging greater collaboration in the fight against climate change. The leaders, from the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of Climate Action CEOs, are […]