Recipe Club: Cardamon-Hibiscus Sharbat

Sponsored by McCormick Canada Keep cool with our take on an icy Persian treat: Sharbat. Start by infusing water with sugar, honey, McCormick Gourmet™ Cardamom and McCormick™ Gourmet Organic Cinnamon Sticks and hibiscus flowers. Once strained and cooled, this fragrant syrup is combined with club soda over ice for a fizzy, sweet and tart drink […]

Flavour Forecast: Guajillo Plum & Peanut Sauce Vegan Mexican

Vegan Mexican flavours are changing from trend to way of life around the world, and these creative new dishes are authentic in taste and mouth-wateringly delicious. The bright and flavourful spices used in Mexican cuisine pair perfectly with meatless options like eggplant, mushrooms or garbanzo beans that can mimic pulled pork or chorizo sausage. A […]