Energy drinks continue to gain momentum on menus

As operators try and come up with innovative menu items to attract attention and boost traffic, some coffee shop chains have recently added energy drinks to their caffeinated beverage lineups. Studies show that about one-third of grocery shoppers repeatedly buy energy drinks, with the sales of caffeinated beverages rising 73 per cent from 2018 to […]

PLANTA is elevating plant-based eating, one dish at a time

By Jessica Brill As diner demand for sustainability and health continues to climb, restaurants are popping up to provide consumers with experiences that exceed customer expectations. With more diners taking a closer look at their protein sources and decreasing meat consumption, restaurants are seeing more flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan visitors come through the doors. Some […]

Level up your menu with innovative condiments

In order to offer bold flavours, many operators are giving classic condiments and sauces a makeover for a trendy take on menu additions. This approach allows restaurants to incorporate a broader range of ingredients, offer something fresh and new on the menu, and stand out from the competition. Mayonnaise-based condiments are having a moment on […]

Trend Watch: Acidic cocktails, breakfast poutine, senposai

By Katie Belflower In our latest edition of Trend Watch with Technomic, we are focusing on three current top menu trends across Canada, showcasing some of the restaurants that are creatively and successfully adding these items, flavours, or ingredients to their menus. This edition covers acidic cocktails, breakfast poutine, and senposai. Acidic ingredients in cocktails […]

Canadian diners continue to put value first

As the cost of food continues to rise, Canadian diners are adapting their habits and employing creative strategies to stretch their dining dollars. Lightspeed Commerce Inc. has released the results of its recent study, including over 7,500 global dining consumers, to reveal some interesting insight into these evolving trends. In this survey, Canadians weigh-in on […]

What’s driving adult beverage trends?

By Katie Belflower Adult beverage mentions are up 7.5 per cent on menus in the last year, with specialty drinks just edging out that overall number at 7.8 per cent growth. Many of the classic drink options are growing in popularity, with margaritas (+ 41 per cent) and martinis (+ 45 per cent) among those […]

QSR combos are driving traffic with value

As more consumers make cuts to their discretionary spending, many operators are looking for ways to increase traffic and boost the bottom line. While more value doesn’t always mean cheaper pricing, some operators are creating combos and LTOs to stand out and offer more to their customers. Most recently, McDonald’s announced a new lineup of […]

Concept Watch: Naan Kabob, Eggspectation, Mandy’s Salades Gourmandes

By Katie Belflower Standing out from the crowd is vital in today’s competitive landscape. We’ve teamed up once again with Technomic for this month’s Concept Watch, where we highlight three restaurants that are showing innovation and inspiration across the country. This edition focuses on Naan Kabob, Eggspectation, and Mandy’s Salades Gourmandes. Naan Kabob Platter Image […]

Creating a menu to attract restaurant guests

As dining preferences continue to change and evolve, it’s important for restaurants to know what guests are looking for and what attracts guests to their restaurant. Having a standout menu can make or break higher traffic numbers and make the most of your margins. Datassential’s Menu Development Report, Menu Magic 2024 provides insight into what […]

How the new CFIA labelling regulations can affect your operations

By Hannah van Teylingen The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada are stepping up their game with new food labelling regulations that are planned to kick in by 2024 and 2025. In today’s health-conscious world, these new regulations aim to enhance transparency, encourage smarter food choices, and make sure everyone – from foodies […]