Keep pests off the menu this winter

By Alice Sinia, Ph.D. As the weather cools, winter months can force unwanted pests inside to stay warm or to overwinter. Food, shelter and water attract pests, and your restaurant offers these resources. As these dirty, nuisance and destructive invaders seek relief from the cold, it’s important that you create a defense and prepare your […]

Sirved launches world’s first menu-based search engine

App searches every menu from every restaurant filtered by dish, craving or dietary restriction Press release Sirved, the world’s first menu-based search engine, has launched its app that lets you search every menu from every restaurant — filtered by craving, dish, or dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegetarian. The app rolled out on Dec. 5 across Canada, […]

Ontario’s menu labelling law check-up

By Eric Mayzel and Noah Leszcz On January 1, 2017, Ontario’s menu labelling legislation, the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015 (the “Act”) came into force. The Act requires that foodservice businesses with 20 or more locations operating in the province under the same name, or a substantially similar name, display calorie information for standard food […]

Three easy marketing tactics to establish your restaurant online

By Mark Goren There’s no doubt that running a restaurant has its challenges. Whether you’re opening your doors soon or running an established business, you should seriously consider how a few simple online marketing tactics can help you drive traffic, phone calls and menu views. Follow these simple yet critical steps to build a solid […]

Are restaurants missing the mark with kids’ meals?

By Jeni Marinucci It wasn’t long ago that traditional kids’ meals were adult meals – just smaller. But with dining out becoming an ever-growing part of our culture, for reasons including easing time constraints on busy families, many parents still face challenges finding healthy meals kids will actually eat. Is the scourge of the “dinosaur-shaped chicken […]

McDonald’s Canada officially launches All Day Breakfast Selections across the country

Press release February 21 at 11:01 a.m. marks the official launch of McDonald’s Canada’s All Day Breakfast Selections making some of the country’s favourite breakfast menu items available throughout the day, every day. The new menu, now available in 1,111 restaurants across the country, includes the Egg McMuffin, the Bacon ‘n Egg McMuffin, the Sausage McMuffin and Sausage […]

Menu crowdsourcing: Using social media to curate new dishes

By Sean Beckingham Using social media to boost your restaurant’s online presence and overall brand may seem like a no-brainer today, but taking it a step further and using it to develop and refine menu options is a strategy that is now difficult to ignore. Menu crowdsourcing is a new approach to the traditionally back-of-house […]

Foodee launches Enterprise for offices

Press release Corporate food-delivery startup offers an easy way for companies to build meal plans with their teams Vancouver-based startup Foodee announced the release of Office Meal Plans including a new Enterprise feature that allows companies to easily create and order food for the office based on menu items selected by each team member. Foodee has set itself apart from […]

The WORKS introduces three new cheeseburgers available for a limited time

Press release Limited time menu offers three new gourmet Cheeseburgers The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is excited to introduce three, new limited time only burgers.  As if 50 gourmet burgers, 11 different kinds of cheese, 8 different kinds of ice-cold beer and hand-made shakes weren’t enough, the restaurant continues to be the innovation leaders, this time by making […]

Urban Translations partners with Samsung Electronics to bring innovation to hospitality industry

Press release Multi-lingual digital menu software utilizes Samsung tablets in major hospitality venues Urban Translations, a digital menu software provider, has announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics that will enable guests to easily order menu items and amenities in any language on Samsung tablets in-room, at restaurants, and other entertainment venues. During a time when […]