Stretching the Daypart: New generations are making for a new kind of lunch

By Mark Jachecki At the 2019 Terroir Symposium earlier this year, I noticed a seemingly never-ending supply of breakfast sandwiches coming from the kitchen. Along with some of my Gen X colleagues, I observed as our younger lunch companions lustily devoured these tasty sandwiches. It’s not that we were unfamiliar with breakfast sandwiches; we’re just […]

Millennials changed foodservice. Now their kids are doing the same

By Mark Jachecki Millennials are entering parenthood, and not surprisingly, their kids are picking up on their food savvy, creating an increasingly important family demographic in commercial foodservice in Canada. Brands have noticed, too. Operators and chains that didn’t offer kids’ menus previously, like Tim Hortons, have recently rolled out menus intended to appeal to […]

Taking a Dive: Turning the dingy local standby into a value-driven concept

By Doug Radkey It feels like the dive bar has become trendy once again throughout Canada. But can you really create a dive bar, or is it a food and beverage concept that evolves over (a particularly hard) time? It’s customary to walk into a traditional dive bar and wonder throughout your visit how this […]

Why the latest social media trends may not benefit your business

By Sean Beckingham Social media applications today have a very similar story to the smartphones they find themselves downloaded onto: You finally learn how use it, you get used to its features and then three months later, a shiny newer version comes out with features both new and old. Meanwhile, popular photo sharing application Instagram […]

Millennial dining celebrates food’s authenticity

By Adele Rankin More research and discussion has been generated about Millennials than any other demographic in recent memory since Generation X. Determining what draws them to a certain product, and perhaps more importantly, what keeps them coming back, is the focus for everyone from hotel brands to retailers. Restaurateurs can also learn a few […]

The latest dinner trends point the way forward

By Aimee Harvey Dinner is the cornerstone of the restaurant menu, the daypart when many operators (particularly those in table service) flaunt their variety, creativity and innovation on the plate. Dinner is also how many restaurant-goers think of dining out, from celebratory nights out to casual family meals. Yet we’re seeing the ground shift in […]

Why millennial families are important

By Laura Zaplatynsky-Bell Although millennials are among the hottest topics in the media today, a universal definition of who they are can be hard to nail down. Depending on the source, anyone born from 1977 to 1995, or from 1982 to 2004 could be considered a millennial; however, the generally agreed-upon range is anyone born from […]