The future of ghost kitchens

We’ve seen the rise of ghost kitchens over the last few years, but do they have the appeal they once had, and will we see even more of this pandemic trend pop up in the future? Initially, some commercial realtors predicted that by 2025, ghost kitchens would make up as much as 20 per cent […]

The evolution of happy hour

Consumer habits have changed so much over the last few years, but despite flex hours and remote work, it looks like happy hour is still bringing people together and raising restaurant revenues. While happy hour once meant that people left the office to gather for after-work drinks, some are suggesting that it’s evolved, as customers […]

The current state of the foodservice industry

As the foodservice industry continues to recover through elevated food prices and ongoing labour challenges, what does it look like in today’s economic landscape? Givex’s annual survey provides insight into diner preferences and industry trends. While inflation and a possible recession have motivated many Canadians to cut back on discretionary spending, the study found that […]