Pumpkin spice season is leading the early charge into fall

It used to be that pumpkin spice and fall-related flavours arrived on the shelves just before Thanksgiving, but these days, retailers have been capitalizing on these seasonal offerings since as early as mid-August. As 54 per cent of operators said that limited-time offers (LTOs) are a central part of their business, they plan to release […]

5 food holidays to celebrate in June, from cheese to smoothies

By Megan Prevost June has arrived and with it alluring thoughts of summer, long nights, and more outdoor dining in the sun. With the summer territory (no matter where you’re located) comes an increased popularity of frozen treats and refreshing snacks. While there are over 30 national food holidays to choose from this month (and […]

Tim Hortons kicks off this fall season with new pumpkin spice Iced Capp

Press Release Tim Hortons celebrates Fall with the coolest item for the season — the Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp. For the first time on the menu in Canada, Tims is bringing together two of Canadians’ favourite tastes — the Iced Capp and pumpkin spice — this addition to the fall product lineup will be available across […]