Fast in the 6 invites Toronto to share a meal together during Ramadan

Press Release Toronto is diverse, Toronto is united and Toronto is prosperous in so many ways. These are three of our greatest assets as a city and it’s something worth celebrating. Fast in the 6 returns to Nathan Phillips Square on May 24 at 7:30 p.m. to celebrate the diversity and inclusion that makes Toronto great. In the spirit of Ramadan, Fast in the 6 invites […]

Small changes, big benefits: Getting your restaurant halal-ready

By Salima Jivraj  The word “halal” is Arabic for permissible. Similar in usage as the term kosher, it’s used by Muslims to identify food that’s suitable for consumption. Naturally, as a marketing term for the foodservice industry, halal is used to attract a specific type of clientele, and serving this community can be lucrative. The question […]

Food delivery service helps customers easily identify halal restaurants this Ramadan

Select foodora restaurant partners to deliver ‘Break Your Fast’ packs with every order placed at dusk Press release Canadian Muslims will observe Ramadan beginning Saturday, May 27 through to Monday, June 26, and on-demand food delivery service foodora will help customers identify halal food options by adding a halal symbol to select restaurant partners on its website and app. Throughout Ramadan, […]