The challenge of real estate inflation for franchises

Among the continuing supply chain delays, staffing shortages, and elevated food costs, many QSRs and restaurant chains are struggling with real estate inflation. As chains look for the best locations to open new franchises, rising real estate costs are making it difficult for some franchises to expand. According to Peter Saleh, managing director and restaurant […]

Restaurant values are soaring in 2022

While restaurant owners and operators — like their suppliers, their staff, and their customers — are facing severe price pressures in all areas of life, a new report suggests restaurant values themselves are also soaring. The latest BizBuySell Insight Report found that the value of U.S. restaurants being sold increased 51 per cent year-over-year in the […]

Restaurants identifying university and college towns as prime locations

By Christian Petronio When they are searching for the perfect location to put down the roots of their foodservice business, many restaurateurs want an area that vibrates with energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. University and college towns or districts are becoming increasingly more attractive as the number of students enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institutions continues its […]

Why COVID-19 could present opportunities for restaurateurs

By Mark Plumlee It’s been a tough 16 months for restaurateurs. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the industry to the brink, accelerating technological trends and forcing restaurants to adopt to-go business as a foundational revenue stream. As we come out of the pandemic into the “new normal,” get ready to see an explosion of new ventures […]

Exploring restaurant real estate trends through the pandemic

By Ori Grad The current market trends in commercial and restaurant real estate have proven to be truly unique as the hospitality industry continues to be impacted by COVID-19 and as local/provincial legislations maintain strict regulations on hospitality operations. As a team of hospitality business brokers helping clients buy and sell restaurants and commercial properties, our […]