Concepts to Watch: Stacked, Bergham, Tap & Barrel

By Katie Belflower Restaurant branding is vital to stand out and attract attention for your business. Every month, in Technomic’s Concepts to Watch, we highlight three restaurants that are demonstrating this across the country. In this edition, we are highlighting Stacked, Bergham, and Tap & Barrel.   Stacked Pancake House Chocolate Banana Pancakes Image Source: […]

A deep dive into restaurant restroom accessibility

By Evan Drake A restaurant’s commitment to accessibility shouldn’t end at the dining table but should extend to every nook and corner, and the restrooms are no exception. RELATED: Creating an inclusive dining experience is a must for restaurants Guidelines: more than just a tick box There are many guidelines available to restaurants, from the […]

Creating an inclusive dining experience is a must for restaurants

By Evan Drake Dining out is a universally enjoyed pleasure, however, for a significant number of patrons, physical barriers can diminish an otherwise delightful experience. Ensuring restaurant accessibility isn’t merely a legal obligation, it’s an imperative step in creating an inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed and valued at your business. Understanding wheelchair requirements Often, […]

Create a restaurant atmosphere your guests will enjoy

Your restaurant should be a place that guests want to visit again and again, and part of the appeal of your business is the atmosphere. Creating a pleasant experience for your guests means that they enjoy the ambiance of your restaurant, from the décor to the mood. Here are a few of the elements you […]

Concepts to Watch: Wings Up!, Kuto Comptoir a Tartares, Tahini’s

By Katie Belflower In the crowded foodservice world, standing out from the competition is vital. A key element in attracting and retaining customers is nailing down your restaurant concept and creating a menu that reflects your brand. In each edition of Technomic’s Concepts to Watch, we highlight three restaurants that are showing innovation and inspiration […]

Accessibility by design: creating a patio for everyone to enjoy

By Jessica Brill Patio season is here again and as the weather continues to heat up and outdoor seating is in high demand, making that space available and welcoming to all restaurant guests is an important part of your operations. Whether your patio is stored away for the winter or it’s a four-season operation, consider […]

Concepts to Watch: Odd Burger, Beertown, Souvlaki Bar

By Katie Belflower Restobiz and Technomic’s Concepts to Watch this month features Odd Burger, Beertown, and Souvlaki Bar as three Canadian innovative restaurants. Building and growing your restaurant concept is vital to getting ahead in the fiercely competitive foodservice industry. Creating a menu that reflects your restaurant will get you more attention, help you stand […]

Concepts to Watch: Hudsons Canada’s Pub, Nickels Deli, Meltwich

By: Katie Belflower In this edition of Concepts to Watch, Restobiz and Technomic highlight three innovative restaurants across the country: Hudsons Canada’s Pub, Nickels Deli, and Meltwich. Competition in the foodservice industry is fierce, so knowing how to stand out from the crowd is crucial. Being clear about your restaurant concept and creating a menu […]

Restaurant design for the post-pandemic consumer

By Tom Nightingale Perfecting your restaurant design can be tricky but it is a vital step for attracting and retaining customers. How can restaurateurs ensure they are appealing to the contemporary consumer and providing an atmosphere and aesthetic that diners want to experience? Datassential’s Trendspotting report offered a lowdown on some key and emerging trends in […]