Today’s technology revolutionizes restaurant payroll

By Samantha Clark As the foodservice industry continues to change and evolve, modern payroll tools are transforming restaurants by streamlining operations, enhancing accuracy, and improving employee satisfaction. Traditional payroll methods in restaurants are not only time-consuming but are also prone to errors, leading to dissatisfaction among staff and administrative burdens for management. However, modern payroll […]

Effective marketing strategies to boost your restaurant sales

By Dawn Castell In the competitive restaurant industry, standing out and attracting customers requires a well-executed marketing strategy to increase sales, enhance brand visibility, and foster customer loyalty. Create a strong, comprehensive marketing approach to promote your restaurant effectively and drive sales growth. Understanding your market and setting goals Before diving into specific marketing tactics, […]

Minimize food waste and support your community with an audit

By Lori Nikkel  We know that restaurants work really hard to get as much food out the door as possible without wasting any, but there still may be opportunities to do more. Is there a way to minimize food waste in your restaurant, make more money, and support your community? If you’re looking to update […]

The crucial role of loyalty in restaurant operations

By Jacob Mancini In the fast-paced world of restaurant ownership, success can often feel like navigating a maze. Between regulations, economic shifts, overhead management, food costs, labour and more, it’s a world filled with obstacles and uncertainties. And yet, it is still one of the most attractive industries for entrepreneurs. However, what is under-emphasized in […]

Elevating your restaurant business for success

By Dawn Castell Running a successful restaurant isn’t just about serving great food, it’s about creating memorable experiences, building a loyal customer base, and mastering the art of hospitality. Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just starting out in the business, here are key strategies to elevate your restaurant and achieve lasting success. Craft a […]

The impact of food delivery on fast-food offerings

By Jose Chavez In the rapidly evolving culinary landscape, the rise of delivery food services has had a profound impact in reshaping the way we think about fast-food. Gone are the days when fast-food simply meant a quick bite at a local diner or drive-thru. Today, the convenience of ordering through an app and having […]

The crucial need for flood insurance in the restaurant industry

By Dawn Castell In the restaurant industry, margins can be as thin as a chef’s knife, and unexpected disasters such as floods pose a significant threat to immediate operations and long-term viability. For many restaurateurs, flood insurance represents a critical safeguard, one that ensures continuity and recovery in the aftermath of unforeseen water damage. This […]

Maximizing operational efficiency through role-based user management

By Madan Kanala In the modern landscape of multi-unit restaurants, effective software system management is essential for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. One crucial aspect of managing restaurant software is role-based user management, which empowers operators to tailor access permissions and functionalities according to staff members’ specific roles and responsibilities. This article will delve into […]

Is employee theft affecting your business?

In today’s economy, every dollar counts. With employee theft an ongoing issue, accounting for 75 per cent of restaurant inventory losses, operators need to be mindful of this potential hit to their bottom line. How can you plan ahead, spot theft, mitigate the damage, and avoid being targeted in the future? Restaurant turnover is at […]