Happy hour is back with a fresh look

Happy hour has made a comeback ever since the end of the pandemic and many people returning to the office, however, it’s looking a little different these days. The concept of smaller portion sizes, appetizers, and beverages is appealing to restaurants and to patrons as inflation and higher cost of living persist. Ranging anywhere from […]

Consumers are still sweet on chocolate

Chocolate has always topped the favourites list for desserts, with 86 per cent of Canadians having consumed chocolate within the last three months. However, from rising health concerns to flavour preferences, how can restaurants include sweet treats on their menu that will appeal to guests and raise cheque totals? Health vs. indulgence The ever-increasing desire […]

Give your seasonal menu a fall refresh

The changing of the seasons is a great time to switch up your menu, adding fall flavours and comfort foods your customers crave. Creating a seasonal menu means that it’s temporary (to be changed with the next season) so it also encourages your guests to visit you and try the menu before it disappears. You […]

Food holidays to celebrate in September

As back-to-school approaches and summer weather comes to an end, you want to keep customers engaged and interested in your menu – and returning to your restaurant this September. Celebrating food holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to reinterest your existing guests while attracting new attention to your menu. September’s food holidays make it easy […]

Are you giving your guests what they want?

From the menu to the experience, guests have an expectation when they visit your restaurant. Are you delivering on that expectation? Do you know what your guests want from your restaurant? Datassential’s mid-year trend report gives us a look at what diners value most when they go out to eat these days, as we proceed […]

Nostalgia remains a popular menu theme

Menu trends come and go, but nostalgia is something that diners have consistently looked for from their favourite restaurant menus. Studies show that 71 per cent of guests are looking to enjoy dishes from their youth, so incorporating some of the classics on your menu can set you apart from your competition and attract interest […]

Get your kids’ menu to the next level

For most restaurants, families are a big part of the guest demographic, so it’s important to address all members of the family for an elevated experience. Making the kids happy – while keeping parents happy – is the name of the game in becoming a family’s favourite place to dine out. Studies show that about […]

The evolution of happy hour

Consumer habits have changed so much over the last few years, but despite flex hours and remote work, it looks like happy hour is still bringing people together and raising restaurant revenues. While happy hour once meant that people left the office to gather for after-work drinks, some are suggesting that it’s evolved, as customers […]

2023’s top trends add flavour and colour to restaurant menus

Each year we see new colours, flavours and ingredients topping the menu trends list, so what’s in store for 2023 menus? Experts predict everything from global influences to splashy colours to nostalgic favourites, and more. Try out some of these top 2023 trends at your restaurant to stay current, get your customers talking, and appeal […]

Are more people turning to fine dining in 2022?

By Megan Prevost The COVID-19 pandemic has had a diverse array of particular effects on the ways Canadians think about food. In its earliest phases, the pandemic forced many people into a long-term lockdown with a very limited bubble of social connection. For obvious reasons, dining out at restaurants was taken off the table for […]