Restaurant cleaning for post-pandemic challenges

As the world continues to re-emerge from COVID-19 restrictions, operators must be sure to prepare for the increase in foot traffic and restaurant cleaning expectations while also addressing hiring challenges. In particular, the increased hygiene and safety demands of consumers in the pandemic age mean more focus than ever before must be placed on maintaining […]

Three steps to avoiding washroom pests

Washroom pests should be the last thing on your guests’ minds. That’s only possible if pest management remains a focus. By Alice Sinia Washroom care is critical to creating a favourable impression. Patrons expect facilities to be in sanitary and working order, which means routine vigilance must be taken in these delicate areas. Hopefully, washroom […]

Unisex bathrooms: What to know when you need to go

By Jeni Marinucci Restaurant owners and their staff encounter situations daily which call upon them to show discretion, understanding, and respect to patrons – and it’s not always easy, as anyone who’s dealt with an intoxicated or irate customer can attest to. But in today’s climate, even the seemingly simple act of using the restroom […]

SCA launches Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions in North America

Press release New recessed dispensers and adapters instantly upgrade any restroom’s décor and functionality, helping customers unlock their washroom’s hidden potential Tork, an SCA brand, recently launched Tork Stainless Washroom Upgrade Solutions, a new offering that helps customers unlock their restrooms’ hidden potential by debunking the myth that upgrading a restroom’s ambiance and efficiency requires […]