Fresh at 50: MR.SUB celebrates its 50th anniversary as an industry leader

Canada’s MR.SUB continues to innovate with introduction of RWA (meat raised without antibiotics) Press release The first in its category in Canada to introduce RWA meats, MR.SUB is leading the way for a new industry standard. It also happens that Canada’s most iconic sandwich restaurant is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Since 1968, when the restaurant first opened its doors […]

Ricky’s Group of Family-Style Restaurants is the first family restaurant chain in Canada to serve breakfast meats raised without antibiotics or added hormones

Press release The Ricky’s Group of Family-Style Restaurants, which includes approximately 90 Ricky’s All Day Grills, Ricky’s Café and Ricky’s Country Restaurants, announced that on Thursday, October 27 it will be the first full-service Canadian-owned family restaurant chain to begin serving pork entrées on its breakfast menu that have been Raised Without Any Antibiotics or Added Hormones (RWA). […]

Pizza Nova grows Raised Without Antibiotics roster with Chicken Wings

Press release Pizza Nova is the first Canadian pizza company to introduce Chicken Wings sourced from chicken raised without antibiotics (RWA). The company offers two varieties of bone-in chicken wings: Traditional, and Roasted Italian featuring a unique rub of herbs and spices. In May 2015, Pizza Nova introduced RWA pepperoni, and made a commitment to […]

Pizza Nova grows ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’ portfolio by introducing Bacon

Press release Pizza Nova is the first Canadian pizza company to introduce bacon made from pork Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA). The company now offers bacon and pepperoni in the RWA category. Since 2015, Pizza Nova has led the Canadian pizza industry in a shift toward more responsibly sourced proteins. In May 2015, they were the first […]