How AI can help mitigate restaurant theft

Restaurant theft is something that operators have to deal with, and although traditional methods of surveillance might have done the trick in the past, technology can help you step up your efforts. AI is not just useful for an improved dining experience, it can also help you increase security and lower restaurant theft. Shoplifting accounts […]

Closer Look: How digital security can better protect your business

By Del Williams Convenience stores, restaurants and QSRs have traditionally installed surveillance cameras to deter crime and encourage safety, but too often these have provided images that lacked detail, particularly in low light conditions. Retrieving video has usually been tedious, requiring endless searching and scanning to find the desired footage. Sharing and archiving of the video has […]

Protecting customer data at restaurants

By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk By now, everyone has heard of the data breach at credit bureau Equifax, which only impacted about 8,000 Canadians, but was estimated to have effected over 145 million American customers, according to an Oct. 2 article from CBC. Lesser known, however, are the data breaches that have hit restaurants, and there have […]