PLANTA is elevating plant-based eating, one dish at a time

By Jessica Brill As diner demand for sustainability and health continues to climb, restaurants are popping up to provide consumers with experiences that exceed customer expectations. With more diners taking a closer look at their protein sources and decreasing meat consumption, restaurants are seeing more flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan visitors come through the doors. Some […]

Minimize food waste and support your community with an audit

By Lori Nikkel  We know that restaurants work really hard to get as much food out the door as possible without wasting any, but there still may be opportunities to do more. Is there a way to minimize food waste in your restaurant, make more money, and support your community? If you’re looking to update […]

The importance of professional kitchen ergonomics and design

By Nathen Dube The importance of ergonomics and design cannot be overstated in the world of professional kitchens, where the pressure is high, and the stakes are even higher. A well-designed kitchen isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that fosters efficiency, safety, and seamless workflow. After 25 years in the culinary and […]

The Spring/Summer issue of CRFN Magazine is now available!

In the optimistic spirit that often comes with spring and summer, we dive into today’s foodservice challenges and successes in this issue, with a look towards top trends and where we are headed through the remainder of the year. Our Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Canadian Restaurant & Foodservice News examines the industry from menu trends […]

Go greener with your restaurant’s takeout containers

Consumers are looking to connect with businesses that align with their values and sustainability is top of mind for many diners who want to see greener practices from their favourite restaurants. Studies show that 66 per cent of consumers take sustainability into consideration when making a purchase, and diners are willing to pay up to […]

Keeping beef on the menu doesn’t mean sacrificing your sustainability goals

By Bob Lowe Climate change is impacting our societies, our natural world, and our children’s futures. We all want to be part of the solution, and some have suggested that one way the foodservice sector could improve its impact is by replacing beef dishes with plant-protein options. My view as a rancher is that, both […]

Sustainability and innovation in restaurant packaging

Sustainability continues to be top of mind in the foodservice industry from using greener products to limiting waste to innovation in environmentally-friendly packaging. Some QSRs are making strides to provide customers with the sustainable solutions they are looking for, paving the way for even more improvement in foodservice sustainability. RELATED: Meeting sustainability goals with a […]

Offering plant-based proteins is a profitable choice for operators

By Nandini Roy Choudhury As sustainability continues to drive consumer demand, alternative proteins on menus are starting to become a powerful tool to combat climate change across the globe and boost restaurant bottom lines. Leading companies, stakeholders, and suppliers are steadily investing in the development of new capabilities and resources to address the challenges associated […]

Meeting sustainability goals with a menu makeover

By Riana Topan Amidst increasingly dire warnings about the fate of our planet, and more frequent reminders about the consequences of climate change in the form of wildfires, floods, and tornadoes, the urgent need to address the global environmental crisis feels more real than ever before. Thankfully, so does the foodservice industry’s remarkable power to […]

2024’s top restaurant trends

We’ve seen so much change in the foodservice industry in the last few years, what does 2024 bring to the table? As the industry continues to recover, the labour market grows, and supply chain disruption slows, the competition will be fierce for restaurants to win over customers, boost loyalty, and build up the bottom line. […]