MTLàTABLE 2018 generated more than $7 million

Press Release Tourisme Montréal is reporting outstanding attendance numbers for MTLàTABLE 2018. Nearly 120,000 people came out to enjoy a meal at participating restaurants throughout the city, generating more than $7 million for local businesses. This is a 22.6 per cent improvement over 2016, when participation rates were comparable to 2018 (150 participating restaurants). MTLàTABLE, an event […]

MTLàTABLE 2017 generates $9-mil in revenue for 175 participating restaurants

Press release More than 131,000 locals and tourists got a taste of Montréal cuisine and the city’s internationally acclaimed culinary creativity during MTLàTABLE, an event presented by Aeroplan. This year, the increasingly popular food celebration took place over 15 days, a longer period than usual, to mark Montréal’s 375th anniversary. It generated over $9 million for participating […]

Tourisme Montréal welcomes Délice, a global network of food destinations

Press release While Montréal en Lumière welcomes some of the world’s top chefs for its 18th edition, Tourisme Montréal is rolling out the red carpet for delegates from Délice, a global network of food destinations. Created in 2007 as an initiative from the city of Lyon, the Délice network aims to connect experts from different food […]

MTLàTABLE attracts a record 103,000 foodies in 2016

Press release MTLàTABLE, the annual culinary event organized each fall by Tourisme Montréal, generated more than $5.7 million in revenues across 150 participating restaurants in 12 Montréal neighbourhoods this year. The fifth edition attracted 103,000 food lovers, marking a two per cent increase over 2015. “Montréal is increasingly being recognized as a great place to eat. Fully 25 […]