Technomic report shows Canadian burger cravings

The burger has long been a much-craved-for food item in Canada and beyond, and that doesn’t appear to have been changed by the pandemic.

Technomic’s new Global Menu Category Report illustrates what consumers in Canada and beyond are looking for in their burger options late in 2021.

Prominent among the report’s conclusions is that Canadians seem to love a burger more than the average worldwide consumer. While 54 per cent of consumers in top global markets order a burger from a restaurant or foodservice venue at least occasionally, that proportion rises to 60 per cent in Canada, although that is not as large a percentage as in the top global markets, which include the U.S., the Philippines, and South Africa.

Diving deeper, some of the conclusions are unsurprising, such as the fact that beef remains king. 78 per cent of consumers worldwide still prefer beef as their protein of choice in a burger; in Canada, that preference is even more widely held, with 89 per cent selecting beef.

Chicken comes in second place in the list of preferred burger patty options, with 62 per cent of Canadians selecting the versatile meat. Canadians also like cheese on their burger, with 30 per cent indicating a preference for cheese or a cheese patty.

Cheddar is the preferred cheese, selected by four in every five Canadian consumers (79 per cent), ahead of mozzarella (58 per cent) and Swiss cheese (52 per cent).

However, Canada has slightly less of a taste for plant-based burger patties. 17 per cent of Canadian consumers would order a burger with a plant-based patty designed to mimic meat, compared to 21 per cent of consumers globally.

“Burger is one of the largest and most dynamic menu categories on the global stage, and restaurant operators have significant opportunities as recovery scenarios begin to set in across international markets” explains Aaron Jourden, senior research manager of global at Technomic. “The new Global Burger Menu Category Report allows operators and suppliers alike to leverage deep category insights, post-pandemic operator and menu trends and expert analysis to better capitalize on these opportunities.”

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