The heart of the matter: Bernie’s restaurants continue to grow by putting people first

The restaurant business can be an exhausting endeavour, but Bernie’s has built a loyal community following that feels like family. With two locations run by the father-and-son team Brian and Carem Deep, their vast menu and exceptional service have customers coming back for more.


Brian Deep

Brian Deep, owner of both Bernie’s locations, knows that relationship building is the secret to his success, stressing the importance of “always treating customers the way you want to be treated.” As customers return again and again to enjoy the selection of pasta, burgers, steaks, and more, Bernie’s offers something for everyone, with dine-in and takeout options.

Deep gets right to the heart of the matter, saying “Bernie’s is a comfortable community and we have long-lasting customers who love to visit.” He is grateful for the support of his local customers, paying it forward by sponsoring many local sports teams through the years, and now he enjoys welcoming those players as they visit the restaurant with their families.

With the food costs and increased minimum wage, Bernie’s hasn’t had it easy, but their regulars are thrilled with their recent renovations. With updated décor and furniture, the changes create an improved ambiance and an upgraded experience for their customers. “It’s a community and the customers love the changes because it’s their place,” Deep says.

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He credits much of his success to his top-notch team, who, like Brian himself, jump in whenever and wherever needed to help provide excellent service for their customers. “They’re just like family,” Deep says, explaining that many of his team have been with him for several years. He fondly recalls many employees who have come and gone, returning with the next generation of Bernie’s customers.

Leading from the heart means that Deep works on building relationships with the customers, his teams, and even with his suppliers. He asks that his partners have the same values that Deep himself holds dear. Having been a fan of Flanagan Foodservice since the very beginning, Deep raves about his rep, Martina. “We wouldn’t go anywhere else,” he says, crediting the attentive and consistent service as the reason they’ve remained loyal and long-standing customers of Flanagan’s.

Focusing on the quality of their food, the guest experience, and the support from their customers, Bernie’s plans to continue to thrive as a “family place” for many years to come.