Three tips for redesigning your restaurant’s website

By Patti Hone
Every now and then your website needs a refresh. There are a number of good reasons for redesigning your site: part of a rebrand, adding new functions such as a content management system, or perhaps it is just outdated.

A redesign can make a big difference that’s either positive or negative if not done properly. A redesign is not just about the “look” of your site. Your website affects all the touch points in your marketing strategy – from social media to sales and from lead generation to brand awareness. It’s not just about how your site looks, it’s about how it works.

Here are some tips to consider when redesigning your site:

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Your existing site may need some improvement, but it also contains a lot of assets that you have built up and that you need to protect. Before you start changing everything, take some time to analyze what has worked well for your site and where there are areas that are lacking.

Look at the speed of your site. Most visitors will not wait more than a second or two for a page to load. Remember that more and more viewers are using smart phones to search the web, so you need to ensure that your pages configure properly for mobile use. And as far as Flash goes…. don’t use it! Flash slows down your site; it is not compatible with most mobile viewers, and it inhibits your SEO rankings. It may be “flashy,” but it’s passé.

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