Tim Hortons eggs

Tim Hortons to starting serving 100-per-cent Canadian eggs

One of Canada’s most iconic brands is going even more Canadian, with the news that Tim Hortons eggs will now be 100 per cent freshly cracked Canadian eggs.

The brand has announced a partnership with Egg Farmers of Canada to begin using 100 per cent Canadian Grade A large eggs in its restaurant kitchens across the country.

The Tim Hortons eggs will display the Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) certification mark, which denotes the use of the highest-quality Canadian eggs that meet national food-safety and animal-welfare standards.

The change follows a series of test markets which the company says were closely monitored and studied for guest satisfaction.

“Guests loved the change and they couldn’t wait for today’s official launch,” says Chef Tallis Voakes, the new Culinary Lead who recently joined Tim Hortons with a mission of implementing quality improvements across the menu.

“Tims is committed to delivering better food quality across the board and that’s really exemplified by the move to freshly cracked eggs, along with the other important changes we made with elevating the bacon and English muffins and buttery biscuits for our breakfast sandwiches. There are more amazing food changes coming to Tim Hortons this year and I’m so excited for guests from coast to coast to coast to try them.”

“We are thrilled that Tim Hortons is displaying our Egg Quality Assurance certification mark on their advertisements for freshly cracked menu offerings, showcasing their commitment to sourcing high quality Canadian eggs and supporting the 1,100 hardworking Canadian egg farmers who produce them every day to world-class standards,” said Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada.

Guests can order breakfast items such as sandwiches, wraps, biscuits and bagels served with our new freshly cracked eggs in participating restaurants and through the Tim Hortons mobile app for pickup or delivery.

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