Tip of the Week: Stick to your budget

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Whether you’re updating your restaurant’s design or featuring new menu items, spending according to your budget should be a rule, not a suggestion. Going over budget can lead to tension and stress among management and staff, which could be avoided by making a plan.

When you are looking to redesign your restaurant and you have your budget set aside, your plan will make all the difference between a successful redesign and a failure. Do research on how much new lighting, seats and anything else you’re revamping will cost. Comparison shop and, if possible, try to take advantage of sales. Decide the style or theme your restaurant will be going for and make selections based on that style. Choose a classic or elegant style instead of going for a trendy theme. These selections will likely mean that you won’t have to revamp your restaurant again in a few years when your theme falls out of fashion.

Another option is to hire a professional designer. While the initial cost may not be something you think you can accommodate within your design budget, in the long run, a designer’s picks will be more likely to stand the test of time. They have valuable connections that you may want to use and they have the experience to get the job done without a hitch.

Talk to a few designers to get a feel of what they can do for your space. Ask for an estimate on how much everything will cost, all in – you don’t want any surprises once you get the bill. Then you can make your choice based on the cost, their ideas and how well they suit your theme.