Tips for gathering in the Christmas crowds at your restaurant

Tips for gathering in the Christmas crowds
By Barbara MacDonald

November 14, 2012
Christmas party tips for restaurants and foodservice operations

It’s definitely time to get in the spirit and start promoting holiday parties at your restaurant or foodservice operation! Get those signs up now encouraging bookings, and be sure to mention your offering to all of your current customers.

When friends gather for workplace Christmas parties, it is a chance for plenty of business and also an opportunity to expose new customers to all you have to offer.

Entice with wonderfully seasonal-flavoured drinks and desserts – this isn’t the time for calorie counting!  Chocolate mint martinis, spiked hot apple cider and Kris Kringle crantinis will appeal to all of the senses.  Candy cane crème brulèe, caramel apple cheesecake with shortbread crumble crust and gingerbread lava cake are a must try.

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