Top condiments and proteins in sandwiches on Canadian restaurant menus


By Kristin Menas

September 6, 2012
Top condiments and proteins in sandwiches at Canadian restaurants

Chicken and mayonnaise appear as popular ingredients on sandwiches

Top condiments/sauces in sandwiches

Mayonnaise is by far the most popular condiment or sauce in sandwiches featured in Canadian restaurants, with 237 appearances in Technomic’s MenuMonitor database. The creamy condiment is extremely versatile and adaptable to a variety of ingredient combinations for sandwiches. Canadian menus feature mayonnaise on several sandwich varieties, ranging from the pulled-pork sandwich at ABC Country Restaurant to the Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill.

Mustard, appearing on 99 sandwiches in the MenuMonitor database, is another widely used condiment. Mustard is generally made from a combination of powdered mustard or mustard seed, seasonings and a liquid such as vinegar. It can vary in flavour depending on the type of mustard seed it is made from – ranging from less-pungent white seeds to zestier brown seeds. Therefore, mustard can provide sandwiches with varying degrees of spiciness.

Another popular condiment in sandwiches is barbecue sauce, which is traditionally made with tomatoes, onion, mustard, garlic, brown sugar and vinegar. Often used as a complement to barbecued and smoked meats, barbecue sauce lends a smoky, tangy flavour to sandwiches of all types. Sandwiches that most typically feature barbecue sauce include pulled pork, rib and beef brisket varieties.

top condiments/sauces in sandwiches at Canadian restaurants

Top proteins in sandwiches

Chicken tops the list as the most popular type of protein featured in sandwiches on Canadian menus. Chicken is a versatile protein that can be prepared in a range of ways, varying not only its flavour and texture but also its level of healthfulness. By offering a choice of grilled or fried chicken in a sandwich, operators can appeal to both health-conscious and indulgent diners. Additionally, as ethnic ingredients and cuisines increase in popularity, chicken serves as an ideal protein to complement these flavours. For example, Badass Jack’s Subs & Wraps Co. features a Singapore Chicken West Coast Wrap, a wheat tortilla filled with roasted chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, egg noodles, spicy chile sauce, lettuce, onions and peppers.

Next on the list, bacon appears in 337 sandwiches on Canadian menus tracked by MenuMonitor. Bacon is a great flavour and texture enhancer that can be featured in addition to another protein. The crunchiness of bacon complements the textures of cheese and eggs on the Egg, Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich at Coffee Culture Café & Eatery. Bacon is also substantial and flavourful enough to stand alone in a sandwich like a traditional BLT. Country Style offers a Double Decker BLT featuring two layers of Canadian bacon strips, lettuce and tomato on marble rye.

Beef, appearing on 95 sandwiches, is often featured in traditional sandwich varieties such as a beef dip, Philly cheesesteak sandwich or rib sandwich. Sandwiches with beef as an ingredient provide diners with a more filling meal than sandwiches featuring lighter proteins such as turkey or salmon. Montana’s Cookhouse, for instance, offers a hefty Texas BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich with a ½ pound of slow-smoked beef brisket smothered in barbecue sauce.

Top proteins in sandwiches on Canadian restaurant menus

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