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Top six reasons why digital gaming matters to your restaurant

By Danielle Klammer

Digital gaming for restaurants is a new and integral way to offer your customers the opportunity to interact with your brand, even when they’re not in your restaurant. By offering a kid-friendly branded gaming app, you create an opportunity for your brand to live on smartphones or tablets. This keeps your brand top of mind, as your logo is seen multiple times per day as customers scroll through their phones or when their kids are playing your branded game.

Gaming has become a top mobile activity, especially among kids. As part of an integrated family engagement program, digital investment is a great way to interact with your customers in a new and unique way, both in the restaurant and in your customers’ day-to-day lives.

With this in mind, here are the top six reasons why digital gaming should matter to your restaurant:

  1. Relevance: Digital gaming is an extremely relevant media tool among kids and families. According to Common Sense Media’s study Zero to Eight: Children’s Media Use in America, two years ago, 52 per cent of all children ages eight and under lived in a home where they had access to mobile media devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Today, that number has climbed to 75 per cent. Plus, the most common mobile media activity for children in this age group is playing games. Smartphones are the most frequently used device, although tablets are close behind.
  2. Revenue: Games can incorporate elements that stimulate loyalty, promote brand referral and drive repeat sales. And an engaging and addicting ‘sticky’ game will bring players back to the game again and again, stimulating brand awareness as well as referral-based purchases.

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