Toronto food scene

Toronto food scene ranked as world’s most diverse

The Toronto food scene is often hailed for its breadth and its diversity, and a recent analysis has named it the most diverse in the entire world.

Thanks to its large blend of cultures and ethnicities, Canada’s largest city is home to a hugely diverse range of international foods on offer.

New data research from meal box delivery company Chefs Plate analyzed the top 20 restaurants in 30 of the most populous cities around the world to reveal the most diverse foodie scenes across the globe. Based on Tripadvisor analysis, the research found that Toronto comes out on top.

Toronto’s is a foodie’s dream

With almost two-thirds of its top 20 restaurants comprising different international cuisines, Toronto was revealed as the city with the most diverse food scene. The city was found to have 12 different cuisines represented in its top 20 restaurants.

According to the Tripadvisor analysis, Cairo and Seoul came second with nine different cuisines in the top 20 restaurants.

The research ranked the top 10 cities with the most international cuisines in their top 20 restaurants as:

  1. Toronto with 12 cuisines
  2. Cairo and Seoul with nine
  3. Karachi, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, New York City, Hong Kong, and Santiago with eight

Meanwhile, the research also found that Italian food is the most popular cuisine in the world, appearing more often in cities’ top 20 restaurants, closely followed by Japanese and Indian.

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For all 30 cities, the occurrence of international cuisines in the top 20 restaurants on TripAdvisor was recorded.

To ensure fairness in comparing cuisine diversity, only cuisines attributed to a specific country or city were counted, while those listed only as Asian, European, African, Mediterranean, and Latin were excluded. When restaurants in the top 20 listed one of these excluded cuisines, or where a generic genre, such as International, Seafood, Steakhouse was used, the next-most popular restaurant in the TripAdvisor rankings was instead included so that each city would still have 20 restaurants included in the analysis.

The 30 cities included in the analysis are some of the most populated cities in the world, but some adjustments were made to the selection process to ensure a global geographic spread, including selecting only one city per country.

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