Unilever Food Solutions marks entry into liquid seasoning category with Knorr Intense Flavours

Press Release

Unilever Food Solutions announced the launch of Knorr Intense Flavors — a line of professional liquid seasonings created with real, natural ingredients and prepared through authentic culinary processes — that can help foodservice operators set their dishes apart with an exciting, distinctive range of bold flavours.

“We know that as trends and diner demands evolve, chefs and restaurateurs are under more pressure than ever to deliver creative, inspiring and flavourful menu options,” said Chef Einav Gefen, corporate executive chef at Unilever Food Solutions, North America. “Knorr Intense Flavours offer a creatively intuitive format for chefs to experiment with flavour and make their dishes stand out. It’s just the latest step in Unilever Food Solutions’ ongoing journey to provide chefs with impactful and useful menu solutions and inspiration that excites their guests.”

Marking Unilever Food Solutions’ entry in the liquid seasoning category, the Knorr Intense Flavours line is made with authentic culinary processes like smoking, fermenting and roasting and can be used across every stage of the cooking process including marinating, seasoning and finishing. Knorr Intense Flavours are vegan, gluten-free and made with natural ingredients.

To develop the global range of five variants, Unilever Food Solutions drew inspiration from today’s top trends in culinary ingredients and flavours:

  • Miso Umami provides a deep umami taste of miso fermented for two months, porcini mushroom and seaweed for a richness, depth, balance and roundness.
  • Roast Umami provides a rich caramelized flavour of slow roasted onion and garlic.
  • Citrus Fresh provides the zesty, fresh and fruity taste of mandarin, lime and yuzu, and is made from 750 g of citrus fruit per 400ml bottle.
  • Deep Smoke provides the flavour of natural sugar smoked over charred American hardwoods for a barbecue smokiness as well as a warm richness.
  • Wild Mushroom Earth provides a deep earthy flavour of wild mushrooms including porcini and Boletus.

The Knorr Intense Flavours line is now available across U.S. and Canada. Interested foodservice operators should reach out to their local distributors for availability and pricing per case (four 400ml bottles). For more information and recipes, foodservice professionals should visit www.ufs.com.

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