value-added eggs

Use value-added eggs to save time and money

By T.R. James

Eggs. The world’s most perfect food? Nutritionally, they could be. They’re rich in nutrients like protein and calcium. Plus, they’re virtually indispensable. Can you imagine a world without bacon and eggs?  Pasta? Cake? Didn’t think so.

Yes, eggs are amazing but… shell eggs break. Shell eggs have a short shelf life. Shell eggs aren’t practical to store and, with shell eggs, there’s always waste.

In the time it takes a sous chef to crack and beat enough eggs for a breakfast service, they could have poured out liquid whole egg, added seasonings and fresh ingredients, cooked and served them. Better still, they could have used one of the many time-saving, value-added egg options designed specifically for food service. From omelettes to French toast, from hard cooked eggs to scrambled eggs,  value-added eggs have all the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of shell eggs, but with added convenience, better shelf life and minimal waste – not to mention guaranteed food safety and better portion and cost control.

Five ways to win with value-added eggs

Use them anywhere you’d use shell eggs.

Liquid eggs are shell eggs, only they’ve already been cracked, beaten, and pasteurized so they have better shelf life and are easier to store than shell eggs. Whether you need whole eggs for baking, egg yolks for hollandaise, or egg whites for a meringue, liquid eggs offer the same performance as shell eggs, in far less time.

Build grab’n’go breakfasts with them.

Who says a fast breakfast can’t be delicious and nutritious? Frozen scrambled egg breakfast wraps can be re-heated in minutes on a panini press. Frozen scrambled egg patties can become a breakfast sandwich in minutes – just heat and serve with  your choice of toppings on your best-selling bread.

Add them to your beverage menu.

The smoothie is the perfect health fix for people on the go. Expand your smoothie options by adding a shot of liquid egg white for a protein boost. Or add a ready-to-serve, high-protein flavored egg white drink to your beverage menu. If you want to glam up your evening beverage service, elevate your cocktails with egg white foam.

Serve them in bulk.

For high-volume foodservice, value-added scrambled eggs are ideal. Just re-heat from frozen in a steamer or convection oven and serve. Even better, boil-in-bag scrambled egg mixes deliver fluffy, perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs that retain heat longer than regular scrambled eggs, making them ideal for buffets and cafeterias.

Let them inspire you.

The ways in which value-added eggs can be elevated are limitless. The plain omelette can be stuffed with your favorite ingredients to create a signature omelette. Scrambled egg mix or liquid egg are the ideal base for a quiche or frittata. Even the classic egg salad is easier when made with pre-diced hard cooked eggs – leaving you time to get creative with the ingredients.

Shell eggs are traditional. Value-added eggs are inspirational. Why not put them to work for you?

About the author:

T.R. James, B.Sc., PMP is a food marketing specialist at EggSolutions. EggSolutions is  the largest egg further processor in Canada and the first in North America to receive SQF Level 3 Excellent certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute. For more information, visit

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