Use your online presence to get more restaurant visits

As restaurants compete for customers in a crowded marketplace, how can your business stand out from the competition? Getting attention for your restaurant is the name of the game. After all, you won’t fill those seats if they haven’t heard of you. Whether you have a solid marketing strategy or you’re giving the old one a makeover, consider social media as an effective (and cost-effective) tool to get more online attention for your restaurant.

There are many ways to use social media effectively to help increase your profits, grow your online presence, and encourage customer loyalty.

Build your online profile

Studies show that 86 per cent of consumers use online research to make dining decisions, from search engines to restaurant websites to Google Maps. If your restaurant comes up first, you’ve got a better chance of becoming the restaurant of choice.

Work on a strategy to get to the top of those search lists. If you have a budget, you can pay to get special attention from Google, but you can also get results organically. For example, positive reviews can help you get your name out there on the web, as potential guests read about great experiences at your restaurant. Concentrate on soliciting those reviews from your regulars to get online attention and attract new diners.

Attract new visitors

How many people look online to discover new restaurants? Reports show that 56 per cent of people search for new restaurants, 44 per cent pay attention to restaurant posts when they appear in their social media feeds, and 24 per cent search social media with keywords. This means there is a significant opportunity for restaurants to be discovered online and draw in new visitors if they execute properly.

Use hashtags to connect with people searching with specific keywords, and if you are paying for social media advertising, think about expanding your audience for to broaden your target base. You might also consider working with an influencer to reach more people with new eyes on your content to get more guests through your doors.

Get engaged

Engaging with your guests builds a dialogue and a relationship that often translates to revenue for your restaurant. Stay in touch on social by replying to guest comments, sharing relevant content, and responding to online reviews.

Maximizing tools like QR codes can be effective, too. While they are most commonly used for online ordering, they are also a way to get customers to your website, where they can learn about your business, your brand, and your social media channels.

Social media can seem daunting if you’re a beginner but take it one step at a time. Start slowly, check out similar accounts for tips, and start to build your online brand to grow your restaurant traffic.