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Using social media to optimize your LTO sales

If you own or manage a restaurant, you’ve probably developed a marketing strategy around limited-time offers (LTOs), but are you using social media as part of that strategy? Social media can help you reach a large audience quickly and cheaply, using your LTOs to help drive traffic, create a sense of urgency, and up your short-term sales.  

Recently, 54 per cent of operators said that LTOs are a central part of their business, and they plan to release even more LTOs this year than last year. Given this, restaurant operators need a way to spread the word. Social media has already proven itself as a solid marketing tool, with over 50 per cent of consumers confirming that they have visited a restaurant or café after seeing it on one of their channels.

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How can you use this medium to maximize your LTO sales?

Reach an interested audience

Consumers are using socials to be in the know. As of 2021, 76 per cent of Instagram users and 55 per cent of TikTok users were relying on their platforms for food and restaurant information. This is a quick way to inform an already captive audience about your LTOs.

Encourage sharing

Today’s tech-savvy consumers read reviews and take referrals seriously. “Word of mouth” marketing accounts for 13 per cent of sales, so getting people talking about your LTO – and your business – will better your bottom line. Use your channels to create a buzz and get new eyes on your promotion. For added exposure, encourage customers to share their experiences, reviews, and tag your restaurant as part of your strategy.

Branch out

Social media reaches your existing audience, of course, but you can use your LTO to get onto a new platform and attract a whole new crowd. If you’ve been yearning to give TikTok a try, now’s your chance. Promoting LTOs takes the pressure off a long-term campaign and makes way for current content as you tweak your social media strategy.

Use it as a tool

Rather than simply promoting your LTO, use social media to develop new offerings by honing in on trending dishes and flavours. For example, 77 per cent of millennials have bought something because of its nostalgic flavour. By being present on social media, you can tap into what’s hot and develop your LTO around that.

With more LTOs appearing in the marketplace, use your social media channels to get attention for your offers, attract new views, and create a buzz for your business.