Vancouver expedites temporary patio permits, expands patio program

Forty-seven temporary expedited patio permits have been issued by Vancouver since the launch of the program on June 1. Over 100 applications have so far been received.

Of the 47 approved permits, 41 are for public patios and 6 are for private patios. Private property patios are subject to a more comprehensive application and building review, whereas patios on public property can have a permit issued within two business days. City staff expect permits for patios on private property to be available by the end of the month. Approval for patios that do not require construction will be granted within five business days.

The city is also working with an additional 18 private patio applicants to complete their applications or find interim options.

The full list of approved patio locations can be found at

In addition, a public hearing surrounding patios for breweries, wineries, and distillers will be held on June 30, pending city council approval. If the proposed bylaw is passed, operators can be approved for a temporary patio on private property valid until October 31. Establishments that submit completed development permit applications that do not require construction can expect to receive their permit within five business days.

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