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What are the fastest-growing food items on Canadian menus?

Technomic‘s latest Industry Insights report has shed light on the fastest-growing food items on Canadian menus over the past year.

Leading the way with 150 per cent growth year over year is burgundy wine, with the beverage being served at both fine dining restaurants and contemporary casual dining restaurants.

Also in the beverage bracket, hard seltzer is continuing its growth on menus as consumers seek out lighter alternatives to beer, with a 61 per cent increase in popularity.

Meanwhile, the fastest-growing food trend identified in the report was the use of Nashville hot, most often appearing as a sauce on chicken sandwiches. The regional sauce, which grew 67 per cent, gets its spice from cayenne pepper. Hot pepper serrano is also increasing on menus, up 39 per cent and appearing in a variety of dishes including pizza, pasta, and tacos.

Sticking with sauces, gremolata, a green sauce made of chopped parsley, lemon zest, and garlic, has also grown by 50 per cent. That growth is shadowed by Indian butter chicken sauce (up 39 per cent), which is appearing more frequently on menus, perhaps as a result of increasing consumer gravitation toward global foods and flavours and is popping up on plant-based options such as cauliflower and chickpeas.

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Meanwhile, French mignonette sauce, typically made with shallots, cracked pepper, and vinegar and served with oysters, is also showing growth on menus, up 38 per cent.

Finally, clarified butter — butterfat with milk solids and water removed — is rising on menus as a companion to shellfish, growing by 50 per cent. Cyprus’ squeaky cheese, halloumi, is also seeing a similar increase (45 per cent), perhaps in conjunction with the growth of Turkish flavours (up 17 per cent year over year) on limited-service menus.

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