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This is what consumers want from restaurant apps

Restaurant apps are everywhere, and they offer you the opportunity to get to know your customers, gain valuable insight, and encourage loyalty for your brand – if you get it right.

Downloads are still at record highs, but with 80 per cent of their mobile time spent in apps, consumers are becoming more discerning.


What are consumers looking for in their favourite restaurant apps and what do you need to provide to make your app successful?

Your customers are savvy, and they know you’re collecting their data to benefit your business, so they expect something in return. Perks and prizes are the way to go, with relevant, meaningful rewards. That doesn’t always mean giveaways – you could offer early menu access, VIP events, or even donations to their charities of choice.

With so many apps out there, customers are looking for the biggest bang for their buck and that means perceived value should be top of mind.

A great experience

What makes a great experience? For a start, 70 per cent of consumers will not even sign up for your loyalty program if the process is cumbersome, so make it easy to use. If it isn’t simple and seamless, customers will just skip it.

They want to get personal, too. 50 per cent of people feel more favourable towards companies whose app recognizes them and their previous behaviour.

It’s not one-size-fits-all. You can get creative here! For example, Chipotle’s recent promo offers rewards members a free entrée if they put on a costume and visit in-person on Halloween.

What it comes down to is providing an app experience that’s appealing to your customers and makes them feel like their loyalty is well-deserved.

Welcome feedback

Technology is ever-changing and your app needs to evolve, as well.

Be open to feedback about your app and make the changes your customers want to see. Dunkin’ Donuts recently relaunched its app with an improved loyalty plan based on customer feedback.

When you listen to your customers, they will reward you with their loyalty. Studies show that on average, consumers belong to about 16.6 loyalty apps, but they actively engage with only half that number. Offering your customers what they want from your restaurant app will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace so you can get a head start on building member loyalty.  

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