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What are your restaurant customers looking for?

It’s often hard for restaurant owners to determine what their guests are looking for, going through a trial-and-error process that can be costly and frustrating. What are customers looking for on your menu? According to Datassential, they are looking for global inspiration and sustainability.

Global flavours

You’ve added new, exciting, on-trend items to your menu, but how do you get your guests to try them? It turns out that there are certain foods that customers tend to be more willing to try, and foods that they like faster than others.

Customers are loving Latin flavours, with 45 per cent of Gen Z guests saying that Latin food would be their choice if they could only eat one cuisine for the rest of their lives. According to the experts, birria, mangonada, and salsa macha are three Latin flavours that are a sure hit on your menu this year.

Asian food is also gaining popularity, with Japanese and Korean topping the list. With cherry blossom, yuzu, and ube on the top trends list, here’s an opportunity for your guests to try something new and exciting on your menu.

All in all, consumers are looking for global favours; 58 per cent of Gen Z and 48 per cent of millennials have eaten a globally influenced dish within the past week, so there is certainly a demand there and an opportunity to grow your menu, adding items you know are trending.


As sustainability becomes more important to consumers, they are also looking for sustainability in the restaurants they visit. 70 per cent of consumers say it’s important that the food they eat is grown using sustainable practices, and 21 per cent will go out of their way to seek a sustainable dining destination – 24 per cent even said they would pay more to dine there.

While many prioritize sustainability, 38 per cent do not promote their efforts. It’s important to connect with your guests to strengthen those relationships and build loyalty.

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When you know what your customers want, it’s easier to make their experience exceptional. Choosing the flavours that resonate with your guests and sharing priorities like sustainability with your customers means that you better your chance that they will think of you when they next decide to dine out.