When it comes to ROI, eggs are liquid gold

Why the staple food is a return-on-investment dream

By Get Cracking®

There’s a classic “What Am I?” riddle from JRR Tolkien’s rendition in The Hobbit, that goes like this: A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. The answer, of course, is “an egg.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting pressure on already razor-thin margins, a golden treasure is exactly what your foodservice operation needs. Eggs are a low-cost, high-margin ingredient you can incorporate seamlessly into your existing menu or as part of a simple revamp.

Recent data shows just how valuable eggs can be. Egg servings in the foodservice industry increased by 10 per cent over the past year. In fact, 1 out of every 10 food orders in Canada over the last three years included the popular breakfast item.

Of course, eggs are not just for breakfast. They are easily included in mains, appetizers, and desserts for any time of day, and as part of any cuisine. Add a poached egg to your famous pho to make a colourful splash and boost its Instagram appeal. Create a devilled egg platter to showcase your chef’s creativity. Or, ride autumn’s perennial #1 trend and whip up a fast and fabulous pumpkin spice egg custard.

Eggs are also highly versatile. Swapping out your usual proteins in a meal for eggs can potentially make a dish halal, kosher, vegetarian, or keto-friendly — or all of them simultaneously. In a time when customers can be hard to find, why wouldn’t you want to broaden your appeal?

We’ve shown you how eggs add value to your menu. Let’s shift the scene to the back of house.

Physical distancing regulations make it difficult for a kitchen to operate at peak efficiency. In most cases, eggs can be prepared by the most junior kitchen staffers using only basic equipment and minimal space. They’re quick to prepare, too; used in place of another protein, eggs can shave minutes off an order and expedite turnover. Or, offer eggs as a premium upgrade, such as a sunny-side-up on a burger. You can boost the price point with a negligible increase in prep time.

Versatility. Profitability. Simplicity. Trying to solve the riddle of how to  quickly boost your menu? Eggs are the answer.

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Get Cracking® is the Egg Farmers of Canada’s consumer brand, which aims to inform Canadians about the versatility and ease eggs provide as a diet staple any time of the day. Get Cracking® also provides a variety of delicious and innovative recipes to help Canadians include eggs as part of their everyday diet.

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