1. Tablescape

You’re going to need to put all that delicious food on something, so why not make the table part of the display? Either buy fake grass or a green tablecloth to cover the table. Using white tape, create lines on the green to look like a football field.

2. Brownies

Prepare your favourite brownie recipe, but before baking, shape brownies into small footballs. Once baked, use white icing to draw the laces of the football. These are simple, quick and absolutely delicious!


3. Drinks

Whip up two different drinks based on the team colours. Make an orange coloured drink such as orange sangria, as well as a blue drink using any blue juice or curacao. What better way to show who you’re rooting for?!

4. Dip

Either buy or make your own guacamole and place in a rectangular serving dish. Next, create a football shape made out of black bean dip on top of the guacamole (“grass”). Using sour cream, draw on the white lines on the football. A Mexican dip is always a hit at any party.

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