Expand your delivery horizons with UberEats

Expand your delivery horizons with UberEats
By Shelby Morrison, Order Up blog
February 3, 2016


On those days and nights when you’re too lazy to cook, it’s always so easy to just pick up the phone and order a pizza or Chinese food for delivery, because those were pretty much the only delivery options available. Starting in 2015, UberEats entered the equation. UberEats is an app that is part of Uber, but is used exclusively to deliver food.  It is, however, rather new and the only Canadian city it is available in so far is Toronto. Plenty of restaurants around Toronto have partnered with UberEats to get their food into the hands of their customers quickly and easily.


Ordering food with UberEats could not be easier. Since we live in a time where convenience is key, UberEats is the perfect solution. After browsing through the many restaurants and menu items, simply select your item and your location, and within an hour (usually less), your meal will be at your front door.  Whether you are too busy at work to run and grab something or just don’t feel like cooking dinner, UberEats is there to save you.

As many Canadian cities are becoming more into the food scene and food trends, restaurants are looking for creative and innovative ways to reach their customers. By partnering with UberEats and making their food readily available, not only are the customers satisfied, but the restaurants reap the benefits as well.  We also live in a very technological, digital age, so being able to order food without having to pick up the phone (which can take about 10 minutes at times) is enticing and satisfying.

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