Crafty ideas: Expanding your beer menu to boost profits
While it’s true that beer has long been a dominant force in the beverage industry and that we’ve seen some amazing numbers of growth over the past few years, the one…Four steps to make beer an integral member of your operations team
With an explosion of new breweries on the scene over the past few years, and the popularity of micro breweries, it is no longer as easy as 1-2-3 to pick a selection of beers that…Grain-based beverages are all the rage
What an amazing time to be crazy about grains! Not only have grains taken centre stage on restaurant menus with the influx of ancient grains and the numerous gluten-free…

Beer menus lead to informed choices
With the next generation of hospitality visitors looking for new and exciting occasions, it is incumbent on operators to provide menus that are thoughtful, creative and…

The race heats up to win over Canadian beer drinkers
The North American beer industry is in a great deal of flux these days. Craft brewers are reporting double digit growth while mainstream beers are shrinking just as…

A road less travelled: Promoting responsible use can include tasty beer options
New definitions of responsible use have forced us to come to grips with a consumer who may still want to enjoy the ambience and sociability of the local draught purveyor without…Four refreshing tips for marketing to modern beer drinkers
Cold, refreshing, thirst-quenching and sociability have, for quite some time, been the catch phrases used in the marketing of beer. Throughout much of the 20th century, beer has…Sustaining the beer industry
How do we actually help with sustaining an important category in the hospitality business, in terms of both profitability and environmental sensitivity? From an economic perspective…
Beer trends of 2016
The world of beer is a fascinating place these days. It’s been such a long time since there was so much interest in the beverage from beer consumers, hospitality providers…
Wine and beer professionals weigh in on industry innovation
In the old days, the only tools a sommelier carried were a corkscrew and maybe a tastevin worn around the neck, and that was more to show status, not for reasons of practicality.
How beer can be a healthy choice
For years, we have been hearing about the potential health benefits of wine. When it comes to beer, however, we have heard less about its better-for-you aspects and more about…
Beers of the world to pair with your holiday menu
The world of beer is both ever-expanding and ever-confusing.  Since 1842 and the invention of Pilsners, we have seen over 150 years of thirst-quenching, easy-drinking beers.Grow cheques at casual dining with microbrew and craft beer
Capitalizing on consumer trends towards microbrew or “craft” beers and wine is proving to be an effective way to encourage those high-margin beverage sales and keep cheques…The pros and cons of new beer-related technology
Beer has kept up with the times, and there are multitudes of brewing scientists who are constantly striving to find new ways of creating great beer. However, we need to…

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