A quarter of Canadians mistakenly drink red wine for the probiotics

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Many Canadians are aware that probiotics, the “good bacteria” found in a variety of foods and natural health supplements, are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but a recent survey conducted by Progressive Nutritional has revealed that consumers are confused about where probiotics come from, what their benefits are, and the amount they need to consume for optimal health.

Key findings of the survey:

Pinot and probiotics do not pair

When surveyed, in addition to probiotic yogurt, Canadians correctly identified miso, pickles and raw cheeses as sources of good bacteria. However, many surprisingly identified non-probiotic foods such as red wine (25.5 per cent), beef (31.9 per cent) and kale (21.7 per cent). In total, 79 per cent of respondents believe that they are getting probiotics from foods that simply do not contain them.

Confidence Crisis?

Showing overall uncertainty, 56.2 per cent of Canadians surveyed said that they simply don’t know if the probiotics in yogurt are working.

  • Only 7.4 per cent of Canadians reported they are extremely confident that their probiotic yogurt is working.
  • Only a slightly higher 8.6 per cent said that they are very confident it is working.
  • 15.0 per cent are somewhat confident
  • 12.8 per cent are not confident at all

Men are nearly twice as confident that probiotics are working extremely well, with 62.7 per cent compared to only 37.3 per cent of women.

When present in the body at the necessary levels, probiotics are scientifically proven to offer a host of benefits including immune system support and overall digestive health.

Canadians are Confused

Asked what conditions Canadians use probiotic yogurts to treat, respondents were provided with options of issues known to have probiotics relief (in proper strengths) such as intestinal health, immunity, and gas/bloating.

In addition, they were provided with issues not shown to be effectively treated with probiotic yogurts. A total of 36.8 per cent of Canadians said that they take Yogurt probiotics for conditions not improved by probiotics, such as better sleep (10.2 per cent), treating infections (7.3 per cent) and healthy hair (19.3 per cent).

Probiotics: how many are enough?

There are many different species of probiotics, each offering different benefits when consumed at the potency required. In natural health products, potencies can run from 100,000 to 100 billion CFUs. The survey also showed that Canadians may be uncertain of how to choose the probiotic best suited for their needs, with 24 per cent simply selecting the probiotic product containing the highest amount of the good bacteria.

Progressive Insight: Look for a Guarantee

“There is a common misconception that the potency of probiotics in yogurts or supplements is the only factor to effectiveness,” said Lisa Petty, author and nutritionist at Progressive Nutritional. “In reality there are two factors that make a good probiotic: the right species, at the optimal potency. You need a wide range of species, because different types of these healthy bugs live in different parts of the body and provide different kinds of health benefits.”

In response to this growing confusion in the marketplace, Progressive Nutritional has launched a new line of probiotic supplements. The “Perfect Probiotic™” family contains 7 different probiotic formulas, specifically designed to fit your life and unique digestive health needs. Perfect Probiotics are also the world’s first TRU-ID certified probiotics, offering additional consumer peace of mind. This third-party validation guarantees that every species listed on the label is found in the product.

“Potency alone doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting the variety or quality of species on the label,” added Petty. “It simply means the manufacturer counted the bacteria, but not that they checked to ensure all the right bacteria were present. Canadians deserve to know they’re getting what they paid for, and third-party validation like TRU-ID ensures you do.”

While you might be disappointed that there aren’t probiotics in your pinot, Petty is quick to point out that many of the food and lifestyle choices we make daily can make a big difference in the health of the digestive tract.

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About TRU-ID

Established at the University of Guelph in 2013, TRU-ID is the world’s first independent DNA certification program founded on cutting edge DNA biotechnology. TRU-ID’s mission is to protect consumers from mislabeled or contaminated ingredients, and to promote honesty in consumer product labeling. For more information about TRU-ID certification please visit tru-id.ca.

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