Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet and Lay’s form a clever marketing team

By Shelby Morrison

If you are Canadian, it is likely that you know what Swiss Chalet’s Chalet sauce is. Just the words alone can get your taste buds excited.

Swiss Chalet is known by many for its chicken, but is perhaps even more well-known for its iconic dipping sauce. If you’ve been to Swiss Chalet, and probably even if you haven’t, you have heard of the sauce. It can be used as a dip for anything, but is most popular to dip chicken, French fries or bread rolls. However, the love for this sauce has led many people to even eat it plain.

Lay’s and Swiss Chalet have teamed up to bring to market a truly Canadian chip flavour, Chalet sauce. The combination of potato chips with this sauce seems like nothing but a dream.

“Swiss Chalet touts its sauce as a staple with Canadian families since 1954,” Lindsay Robison, Swiss Chalet’s director of marketing, said in a statement. “This uniquely Canadian potato chip was the perfect way to bring two iconic Canadian flavours to the masses in a new and exciting way.”

Don’t start running to the grocery store just yet, though. These chips are only available at Swiss Chalet restaurants and for a limited time. They come in an individual size (40 grams) as well as family size (255 grams) bags. This is your chance to get a taste of this uniquely Canadian chip flavour, while you can!

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