The gift that keeps on giving back to your business

Gift cards: The gift that keeps on giving back to your business
By Christina Kanellos
September 16, 2013


Gift Cards: The gift that keeps on giving back to your business

Gift cards have emerged as a very popular consumer payment trend. For a restaurant owner, gift cards offer a proven and powerful way to boost business by bringing in new guests, keeping existing customers coming back and rewarding employees.

Gift card programs have quickly become a strategic asset to restaurants by providing a smart, simple way to drive new sales, build repeat business, create upfront cash flow or develop your brand. A 2012 study from the Incentive Research Foundation found that gift cards have “become the most popular gift among consumers when shopping for friends and relatives, and they are the tool of choice for companies hoping to motivate employees, customers and partners.”1 With the value of gift cards clear for both your business and guests, the key is to implement a flexible program that meets your marketing, sales and restaurant business goals.

Creating a successful program is all about the people


When planning a gift card program for your business, it is important to consider the people the program will impact. To truly drive business results and meet your goals, you need to go in with a full understanding of how the program works for your guests and employees.

For customers and guests:

A well-executed gift card program serves many purposes for customers but the primary goal should be to make payment quick and easy. Guests should be able to use gift card payments efficiently, whether in-restaurant, on delivery or even online. Ability to purchase gift cards in person and online is key as trends indicate with the rise of social media, convenience in purchasing is critical to standing out in a crowded market.

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